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Management Features

Ideas that lead to new actions

No lock-in

Feel free to leave if you so choose.

Diverse monetization

Create multiple streams of revenue for your brand!

Video Thumbnails

Custom thumbnails for your videos.


Livestreaming abilities to your fans in full 1080p HD.

Scheduled Appointments

Sit-down with our staff members at any time to go over growth strategies for your brand.


Access to a dashboard to view revenue earnings and help optimize your channel! 

24/7 Staff Support

24/7 staff support. Shoot us an email any time in the week and you’ll have a response within 24 hours! 


Our community is composed of 100,000 members for your benefit. We will help you with growth strategies and support. 

Pure creativity

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XenterScreen is the largest YouTube management company in the United States. We help YouTubers turn a hobby into a full-fledged career.

What you need to know!



  • Your YouTube channel has content posted to it regularly.
  • You have not received any strikes on your account.
  • You want to work alongside us to grow your channel.
  • Your channel as a whole must receive at least 1,000+ video views each month according to
  • We can match any competative offer from other management companies
    ( must provide proof )


  • All material (video, music, etc.) MUST be your own. No copyrighted material.
  • Your channel must not have any copyright strikes.
  • Your AdSense/Monetization MUST not be disabled by Google if you enabled it at any point in your YouTube channel’s lifetime. If you have yet to enable it, please refrain from doing so as it will make the management process much quicker!
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